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The Money in Cuba and some speficic informations of Havana


1 Euro is about between 1,05 and 1,10 Peso Convertible; the exchange rate change every day

Since 8/11/2004 the official currency is the Peso Convertible ; The american dollar is not accept.

If you have dollars you can change it in Peso Convertible with a 10% of supplementary tax.

Go to Cuba with your country money and change, in the Cadeca of the airport on Cuba, the first tranche of it in PESO CONVERTIBLE .

For exchange go in the banks and in the Cadeca(official house of exchange) . In Havana, there is the Financiero Bank (100 meters from the house) and a Cadeca near the ice-cream shop Coppella (150 meters from the house) .

In order to change the pieces of 100 Peso Convertible is small pieces you can go to the hotel Habana Libre (100 meters from the house), they also changes them in the night and without to ask documents to you.

Tried to have many pieces of 1 Peso Convertible because the taxi driver say always that they don't have the rest.

If you finish the cash money you can use the credit cards VISA or MASTERCARD (commission approximately 4% of the amount) in order to take Peso Convertible. Please be careful to use the credit card in the restaurants and storees. The American Express isn't work.

In order to have the nacional money(PESO CUBANO) only gone and exclusively in the CADECA(official house of exchange). In Havana, there is one close to the Habana Libre(100 meters from the house). For 1 Peso Convertible you will have 24 PESO CUBANO. The peso cubano will be able to use it in order to make the telephone calls from the telephones pubblic, in order to buy fruit and vegetables, in order to buy bread and in order to buy optimal sandwiches and pizzette in the storees that accept the currency nacional. For example, you'll pay one small pizza or a sandwich only 10 Peso Cubano(1/3 of 1 Peso Convertible)!

Be careful

1) To Use the credit cards in the restaurants and storees.

2) Don't change the money in the street, the Cuban people propose to you a better rate but they'll give to you bad money.

3) Before you'll leave Cuba you have to change Peso Convertible in your country money.

1 EURO is about 1,05 - 1,10 PESO CONVERTIBLE
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