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General Information of Cuba and some specific informations of Havana


Documents: It's necessary the Passport in validity course and the Visa (it's valid for 30 days but you can ask for other 30/60 days directly in Cuba). Put in house the Passport, the Visa, the credit card and the flights tickets. You can walk in the city with a photocopy of the Passaport

Language: Spanish. Also English is use.

Current: 110 V. All the 220V devices will work without problems with less power. Please buy an adapter for the western thorns, It's not always present in all the houses.

Security : Cuba is one of the surer nations of the world inasmuch as the tourism is the first voice of the Cuban economy. It's present much policeman above in all the zones more visited from the tourists. For the other zones please use the same attentions that you use in your city.

Communications: Take the mobile phone in order to send and receive short message while I advice you to use it in order to make and to receive telephone calls inasmuch as the rates are very expensive. It's not necessary a Trial Band phone. Remember, you have to to use the prefix 0053 before the number. In order to call to your country you can buy pre-pay cards in Peso Convertible(go to the hotel Habana Libre 100 meters from the house) to use in the pubblic telephone.

Money : Please don't change the money in the street!

Credit cards : You can use the VISA or MASTERCARD to bring money. The American Express doesn't work.

Food: Usually you'll eat Rice with beans(in the particolar houses you will be able to ask also the Spaghetti), Salad and potatoes, cicken or lobster, fruit. Please don't drink the running water inasmuch as we are to risk dysentery, buy the water bottles.

Supermarkets : In the tourist zones exist much supermarkets in Peso Convertible. In Havana you can find a good store outside the hotel Havana Libre(100 meters from the house) . If you need cicken, meat, fruit then you can go to the supermarket CARLO TERZERO(1 km from the house, taxi rate approximately 1-2 Peso Convertible from Habana Libre).

Medicinal: The pharmacies don't have all the medicinals. Please take Aspires and some stomach medicinals.

Souvenir: There is a big market near Plaza de Armas(Havava Vieja). Also, very close to the house(150 meters), in Calle 23, there is a small market for buy souvenirs.

In any case write to me also for having information about discounted flights rates, what to to see and in order to pay less money in the beatiful Cuba
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