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House Jorge
Close to University
Border Vedado - Centro Havana

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Flight A/R at 550 euro

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Beatiful legal house (Arrendador Inscripto) between Vedado and Centro Havana only 50 meters from the University, 100 meters from the hotel Habana Libre, 150 meters from the Malecon. The house has 2 rooms with double beds, conditioned air, private refrigerator, bath with hot and cold water, kitchen, living-room with TV, stereo and telephone. The house is central and it is located in one of the zones most nice and secure of Havana. Optimal position to walk also. If you'll rent a car, you'll park it in the street; a man look your car for only 1 Peso Convertible to a day.

This house is good for couple and single people.

If you are alone, you'll pay only for your bedroom and not also for the other bedroom.

Jorge(the owner) will find for you the best solution. In fact he knows other houses with 1 and 2 rooms in the same building.

The price is 25 Peso Convertible per room per night (you'll pay all to the owner in Havana). Every room has a double bed(if you stay with your friend in the same room you'll pay 12,5 Peso Convertible per person). In both the rooms there are the radio alarm and the adapters for the western thorns.

In the price is included the cleaning of room, the change of sheets and the towels.

I'm Rosario, I'm a friend of Jorge and I love Cuba. I'm in daily contact to Jorge and I help him to find tourists.

Maximum 4 persons can stay inside the house.
If you are in greater number please contact me because Jorge know other houses on the same floor of the bulding with the same characteristics and at the same price.

You can reserv the house afther you have buyed the flight. If you have only the flight reservation and you are sure to confirm this flight reservation then contacts to me also. You haven't to pay nothing in your country, all directly to the owner in Havana. Therefore no honorarium to correspond to Real Estate Agencies or Travels Agencies!

You can ask for the breakfast(bread, honey, butter, fruit, eggs, natural orang juice, milk and coffee) for 3 Peso Convertible - Dinner with rice or spaghetti, beans, french fries, salad, cicken or gamberoni or lobster, drink included, fruit and coffee from 7 to 10 Peso Convertible.

The kitchen is supplied of pottery, plates, pots and coffe-machine.

The house has hot water available 24 hours. You will have the key of the main door and the key of your personal room. Moreover you can invite cuban friends in your flat. This is very important because many owners says that you will have total freedom in their houses then, when you have settled down, in the day afther, they will say that in the house it is not allowed to bring cuban people.

Be careful, because if you won't reserv nothing, the taxi drivers will present to you some houses and you'll pay for that a daily commission of 5 or 10 Peso Convertible to the owner of the house. Moreover you don't know the city and probabily, the day after, you'll see the zone is not central and you'll have to pay much money for the taxis; or the day after you'll have to divide the bathroom with the grandfathers who have 90 years old to head; or you' ll not sleep for insopportabile stink of diesel oil; or the house is not 100% security.

Please ask if there is availability as soon as you have buy the flight. A mistake is ask for availability in the last days. An other mistake is take the addresses of houses and go directly in havana (you'll arrive very tired and you'll have to found the streets; usually the prices of these houses are very low just in order to make so that you'll found directly it and then the day after you'll discover that it costs 10 Peso Convertible much more; not always the owner of the house stay inside, you can found other tourist and he doesn't open to you because he doesn't know you; you'll have to go upstairs and downstairs from the buildings in nocturnal timetables inasmuch as the greater part of the airplanes lands between the 19-21)

If you need accomodation and rent room or house in Cuba. You can see Kuba girls and Cuba boy in the section What to make in avana. You can chose one house Particular or two houses particular or much houses particular in Havana, Trinidad and Santiago. Renting a house It's the same of rooms to rent.

In any case write to me also for having information about discounted flights rates, what to to see and in order to pay less money in the beatiful Cuba
Icq 270225133
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