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How moving in Havana


The better way to visit havana is the OFFICIAL TAXI(please control the taximeter is very visible). The minimal rate to pay is 1Peso Convertible. Take the taxi outside hotel Habana Libre(100 meters to the house) avoiding to call otherwise you'll pay greater rate. If you take the taxi of the PANATAXI o CUBATAXI company (photo downstairs) you'll pay less money.

Panataxi - Cubataxi >
< Panataxi - Cubataxi

There are also the TAXI for CUBAN PEOPLE(photo downstairs) only for the tourists which adapted to various situation. You'll pay in Peso Cubano(nacional money). Useful to use until the 20 of evening then better use officials taxi. Usually they can be uses only from Cuban people but I taken a lot of them in the last holiday, enough not to dress with the Armani trousers. These taxis are of property of Cuban people who paying a fixed tax every month and have the licence of taxi-driver(it's exposed the written taxi). Be careful, the difference between TAXI for CUBAN PEOPLE and particular car is in the fact that on them is exposed the written Taxi(therefore is reliable) while on the second ones it is not exposed nothing(they are personal car therefore no guarantee of security). The taxis for Cuban People are taxi collectives, they cost 10 Peso Cubano inside havana and 20 Peso Cubano in order go to Playa of the Este. You will see that to the edges of the road there are Cuban people who stop these taxis and they ask to it if they go in the direction that interests to them, joined to them and also ask the street interest to you. It's very cheaper if you go to Play dell'Este with these taxis, you'll pay only 20 Peso cubano(80 cents of Peso Convertible). From Parque Central in order to return to the house you'll go the beginning of Calle Neptuno and take one(the 95 % of the taxis for Cuban people that go for Calle Neptuno pass for the house) you'll pay 10 Peso Cubano(1/3 of Peso Convertible) while with the official taxi the coast is approximately 3 Peso Convertible. The same speech is worth when you have to go from the house to Parque Central, in this case you'll stop a taxi for cuban people in a parallel of Calle Neptuno.

Taxi for cuban people >
< Taxi for cuban people

I advice to you not use

1) Particular Car (usually are American cars of 1950) inasmuch as there is a law that prohibits the Cuban people to carry the tourists in theirs particular car; therefore risked that the police stop to you, they withhold the owner and you are forced to take an other taxi(official). Moreover the rates is more expensive of official taxis. These blot some are beautiful to look at themselves but they are slowest, not perfect in the mechanics and in the incident case you will sure not be have the money from insurance.Please don't confuse the car particular and the TAXIS for CUBAN PEOPLE(they are also american cars but have the taxi licence, for this reason they are reliable) whose characteristics are specified to the previous paragraph.

2) Coco Taxi (similar to an egg) because the rates is more expensive of official taxis. This taxi is cheap if you have to go in a distance less then 2 km inasmuch the rate is 0,5 Peso Convertible to Km. Morover it's not the maximum in security.

3) Rent car inasmuch the traffic signs is insufficient and the traffic lights are puttings after the stop to the center of the crossing, very dangerous!

4) Publics Buses because they are full of persons and never punctual! If you want to pay less money you can take the Guagua(foto low) for Saint Maria of the Mar(start from Parque Central the number of the bus is 400A or 40A) at the price of 40 centavos of peso cubano(15 cents of Peso Convertible). This solution is only for the tourists that adapted to various situation.

Guagua >
< Guagua
In any case write to me also for having information about discounted flights rates, what to to see and in order to pay less money in the beatiful Cuba
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